Exclusive Interviews with Distinguished Photojournalists

#PhotojournalismChat Series / Nezih Tavlas
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Jonathan Alpeyrie

“I want the viewer to have a most accurate version of the moment photographed”

David Degner

“A great photo introduces the viewer to a new complexity in the world”

Adam Gray

“I try to fairly and accurately capture the reality of the situation”

Luke Duggleby

“I’m committed to telling people’s stories with my photography”

Christian Werner

“I’m just a facilitator of the stories of my protagonists”

David Butow

“I want my photos to convey truth, as I see it.”

Leah Hennel

“I’d describe my work as slice of life”

Moe Zoyari

“I truly love what I do, so it is never a job for me”

Esther Nsapu

“I entered the world of images in order to inform the world through photography”

Roger LeMoyne

“I would like viewers to empathize with the people I photograph”

Elizabeth Dalziel

“I am trying to elevate the mundane to something universal that the viewer can relate to”

Carlos Villalon

“Photography has become a way of life to me”

Claire Thomas

“I want my photos to simply convey an accurate reflection of the truth”

Alfred Yaghobzadeh

”I have to reflect what is happening in front of me, like a mirror”

Rebecca Conway

“I’m trying to illustrate people’s stories in the best way possible”

Darrin Zammit Lupi

“I want viewers to feel empathy with the people in the pictures”

Nadege Mazars

“I see my images as a tool as well as a messenger”

Kim Ludbrook

“As a photojournalist I am a mirror to society”

Mariella Furrer

“I see myself as a visual storyteller”

Alan Chin

“Camera is a passport — allows me to talk to people, be anywhere”

Kate Geraghty

”I dedicated much of my career to documenting the impact of conflicts on humanity”

Robinson Chavez

“My style is to tell stories, as accurately and powerfully as possible”

Janet Jarman

“My aim is to fairly document the human condition in an empathetic way

Paul Hansen

”I believe visual storytelling is a very strong way to connect people”

Masrat Zahra

“We photojournalists, are the key witnesses of the people’s pain”

Greg Marinovich

“I attempt to show people’s lives and situations and do my best”

Alex Potter

“I try to make a bridge between the viewer and those in the story”

Yuri Cortez

“I try to transmit people’s emotions through pure photojournalism”

Barbara Davidson

“I hope my images leave the viewer with a sense of empathy”

Ed Kashi

“I try to make a positive impact on the world”

Mads Nissen

“I love when I really feel I make a difference”

Jerome Delay

“I’m a photojournalist recording what I see with passion, empathy, truth and respect”

John Moore

“My goal is to present the people I photograph in a way that is fair to reality”

Nadia Shira Cohen

“I want to convey the injustice in the world which exists”

Sedat Suna

“A photo has to change something”

Christophe Petit-Tesson

“My work is clearly oriented primarily towards information”

Rena Effendi

“My stories are about human resilience”

Stefanie Glinski

“Breaking pre-existing stereotypes through my storytelling is a priority for me”

Giles Clarke

“My ‘style’ is to jolt the viewer into some kind of engagement”

Heidi Levine

“I prefer to lose a picture to help save someone”

Bulent Kilic

“I want to show what I felt”

Sergey Ponomarev

“I put a camera and empathy in my bag”

Louisa Gouliamaki

“Photojournalism is an international language”

Jo-Anne McArthur

“I’m an animal photojournalist”

Lynsey Addario

“I want my photographs to convey the reality”

Patrick Baz

“Photojournalism will not stop or lose its importance”

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Photojournalism News

Photojournalism News

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